16 July 2005

what am i doing with my life?

I'm so glad you asked! Actually, I've been asked this quite a bit since I quit my job at SF Camerawork, last year. Let me fill you in on the exciting details... I'm working hard in the Rhetoric/Film dept at UC Berkeley; I'm making lots of art; I'm recording lots of music; I'm freelance writing and curating; I'm starting a nonprofit record label (Art Star Records) that will distribute artists' sound and music recordings and a cassette-based zine called "DubDubDub;" and I'm finishing that novel many of my friends know was destroyed, two years ago; among other fun projects... I don't expect this blog to be a regularly-updated periodical, but rather a place to keep all the stray details about my various activities wrangled. Come back to find show announcements, articles filed, calls for entry for projects, and occasional shout-outs regarding other people's projects.

As for fun stuff on the horizon, well, here are some of the things about which I'm excited... I'm working on a net art blog/performance project, with Abe Linkoln, for which the Whitney has commissioned a gatepage; I'm curating an unusual show at Artists Space, as part of the Performa performance art biennial; I'm teaching an art history class, this fall at Berkeley, on New Media; I'm helping to organize ISEA 2006, in San Jose; I'm producing an album and music video series called "Genre Studies" which has songs written and recorded by me that typify "genres" (the Summer Single, the Country Classic, the Song Named After a Woman, etc...), and in-between I'm working on a number of "smaller" art/music/curatorial projects, performances, and writings. Stay tuned for more details...