03 August 2005

deep in the heart of memory lane

I've been dying to update you on a few special projects, but so much is behind the scenes, right now, that I'll have to save big announcements for another day. For now, I'll tell you about something I'm not doing. I'm not attending the reunion of Central High School's class of 19?5, in San Angelo, Texas. (If I tell you what year it is, you'll inevitably think about how I'm too old or young, depending on the context--needless to say, it was in the previous century and I'm one of the very few left who are unwed and without children...) Actually, I never graduated from High School, there, but many of my long lost friends did and I spent some seriously formative years stomping around San Angelo (mostly as one of the Robert E. Lee "Rebels"), en route from Germany (where I was born) to California, as you can see in this photo from that "big hair" era, which is sufficiently ink-stained like all good school photos. Anyway, I won't be making it back to the city whose closest airport is the Southern "home town" of our current President, but a big hello to those who are there. I'd love to hear from you, if you're out there, fellow Bobcats! I've come a long way from when you used to walk by me and my friends and chant "nerd herd" (though, surprisingly, I'm still a big nerd) and I'd love to catch-up! :) There's also an amazing contingent of former Angeloans, out here in SF (Ryan Junell and Cecil Williams being among the coolest), so this would be the perfect spot for a West Coast rendezvous. Call me!


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