20 August 2005

I have a social life! Really, I do!

It dawned on me that I only blog about my work, here. I thought I'd share some personal deets. Last night my amazing, multi-talented friend and frequent partner in crime, JD Beltran, took me to a concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. She had extra tickets to see Coldplay and we had a date to celebrate some personal victories. I had a blast. We had our pix taken on the thoroughfare (see above), we ate greasy garlic fries, we shot some bootleg videos, and we took in a lot of fun people-watching. JD is so organized she brought Coldplay research materials with her! Other than Chris Martin dropping the names SF, Golden Gate Park, and Frisco (note to out of town friends: we HATE that word!), every five minutes, he put on an amazing show. There was some seriously awesome live video mixing going on, and JD and I felt like big art nerds as we tried to guess what kinds of cameras were being used, at different times. Mostly it was just great to hear some live, vocal-driven music. Going to concerts is like going to church, for me. Actually, my love of music started in church, but now that I'm an evil atheist, concerts are the closest I get to spiritual elation. I came home and wrote three songs. Thanks, JD!


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