12 August 2005

A New Assignment

As of Monday, I will be the Editor and Curator at Large for Rhizome, an amazing organization of which I've been a member for many years. Rhizome is an affiliate of the New Museum, and "is an online platform for the global new media art community. [Their] programs support the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of contemporary art that uses new technologies in significant ways." I’ll be editing their publications, Net Art News and the Rhizome Digest, plus working on special editorial projects. I’ll also be curating shows and public programs on their behalf and acting as a sort of ambassador in the community. I am beyond thrilled about this job. When they offered it to me, I felt like my favorite café was calling to ask if they could start paying me to consume their product! (Sorry, it's the best example an excited caffeine addict could give!) They wrote this very sweet press release about my appointment. If you’re not already a member, check it out!


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