18 August 2005

Of Blogs & Banker's Boxes

Since two separate people actually wrote to me and said they'd read my blog, today, I'm feeling re-energized about keeping the internet (that's you!) updated on my exciting activities. First of all, one was Abe Linkoln (ok, ok, the other was Tara McDowell--hi, Tara! thank you for reading!) and Abe's message made me remember that I completely forgot to blog about our blog! It's called Blog Art and that's pretty much exactly what it is. Wait until you see our green screen music videos, this Fall!! So what else have I been up to? I've mostly been sinking into my awesome new job at Rhizome. I also had a nice lunch with Gordon Winiemko, this week, (happy bday!) and spoke for three hours at that SFAI conference on art criticism (during which there was a fire drill!). Lately, when I'm not working or lunching, I'm staring into this banker's box that Creative Capital wrapped up in pretty pink foam and mailed to me. It's full of grant apps on which I am an outside evaluator. To be honest, it's hard to look at so much work at once, but there are a few gems in there...


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