18 August 2005

Shout Out: American Idol Auditioners

I made the decision not to update my American Idol blog, anymore, since the project is over. Nonetheless, with SF auditions happening today (can you hear the hearts breaking, now?), I thought I'd send a shout out to the people who camped out to croon. Over the summer, and particularly in the last few weeks, I received *thousands* of e-mails from people who wanted to audition. Some people mis-took me for an Idol official, some people wanted to use my blog to advertise their Idol blogs (imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery), but most people just wanted advice. One poor girl wrote and said she wanted to be on the show because she wanted her mother to pay more attention to her and another sent me a picture and asked if she was too fat to audition. (Um, no!!) I've heard a number of sob stories and just a few disses about my voice. It wasn't hard to decide not to do it again this year--the last year I'm elligible, as a crusty, old 28-year-old--but props to the folks who made the effort. It's a hard thing to do. By the way, my Idol blog and custom moPod are still up at the New Museum, through Sept 10.


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