07 September 2005

Happy Anniversary, MTAA!

It seems only fitting that, on the one year anniversary of the launch of MTAA's One Year Performance Video, I should record the voiceover for the optional audio commentary track for the Aspect DVD Magazine on which documentation of their piece will be included. I tried to do it justice, but that seems a doomed enterprise, considering what an important and engaging piece it is. Usually I head into the studio and mumble for a couple hours and then Aspect publisher Michael Mittelman makes me sound smart, in the editing room. (This worked well with Tony Discenza, Jim Campbell, and Lee Walton.) Fingers are crossed, coast2coast, that he can work his mojo this time. Meanwhile, shout outs and congrats to MTAA. If you weren't already, you've become total freakin art starz (say that with a Dr Evil accent!), in the year since the 1YPV has been up. You deserve it! I can't wait to hear and view your karaoke antics! p.s. Have you ever used Google Image to search for images for 'MTAA'? There's some very interesting stuff out there...


Anonymous mriver said...

hey, thanks! Yeah, google for MTAA is can be odd - motor sports, teen queens and airports.

Anonymous twhid said...

Not to rain on the parade, but it officially started on the 30th of September 2004. But perhaps that's what MO meant?


Anonymous Marisa said...

Oh, pooh... When I looked at the Turbulence site, yesterday, it said Sept 7th (I didn't look at the year, just thought, 'hey, what a great coincidence'), and I didn't notice that the date updates automatically according to the real date. Oopsy! I was wondering while those early adopters still hadn't quite made it to one year.... Well congrats, anyway! :)


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