16 September 2005

A Week in Progress

This has been one of those weeks in which it may have appeared that nothing happened, but then again it's a representative sample of how my life is mostly about the behind the scenes. Aside from my usual research, Rhizome work, and teaching, I've been working on art (finishing a piece for MTAA's podcast project, To Be Listened To, and working with Abe Linkoln on our collaborative performance project for which the Whitney is commissioning an Artport gatepage, in November); tightening-up the details on the show I'm curating for Artists Space, in December; reviewing the submissions for my CAA panel; and preparing for a trip to this conference at the Banff Centre. Incidentally, I spend a lot of my time editing Rhizome's Net Art News and coordinating the Rhizome Artbase. Both are worth checking out, if you are into new media art--in fact, you should become a member! (You know I love my job if I'm pimpin' memerships on my blog!) Anyway, there were lots of random things, squeezed into my week (like having my moPod returned after the New Museum show, and finding that audience members hacked the settings! Darn hackers!), and the highlight was probably being taken out to dinner by my awesome friends, Lynn Hershman, Kyle Stephan, and JD Beltran, to celebrate my new job--or rather its one-month anniversary. Time flies!

P.S. I think that, whenever I have no appropriate picture to post, I'm just going to post a pic of Mr T. Untill I run out... Which won't be for a while... :)


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