23 October 2005

too much fun

I just came back from another whirlwind trip to New York. Though I was there for ten days, I hardly got to see everyone I wanted to, and I spent most of my time trying to be in seven places at once. In general, most of my trip revolved around Rhizome, starting with an early meeting at the Guggenheim, on the first day, to talk about curating some fun collaborative programs for Rhizome's 10th anniversary. (Big thanks to Christina Yang for bringing coffee!!!) I spent a good percentage of my days working at the New Museum offices, and was lucky to see a good deal of Lauren Cornell, Cory Arcangel, and the boys of MTAA. I played phone tag, all week, with him, him, and this guy. (Though above is a photo taken by MTAA's MRiver, of his collaborator TWhid and myself sitting in Lee Walton's installation at Art in General, after our meeting at Artists Space, regarding the show I'm curating there--We Are All Together: Mediated Performance, in conjunction with the Performa Biennial--which includes MTAA, Lee Walton, Chris Sollars, Kate Pocrass, Sabrina Gschwandtner, and Cat Mazza. More on this later...) I also seemed to keep running into the men behind The Thing. We had a fun time at the opening of the Disinformation show, at Apex Art, and later chowing-down at one of Steven Rand's famous upstairs dinner parties. These days, despite working in the arts, I hardly get to stop and see much good work. I did really enjoy the Omer Fast show at Postmasters, the Richard Anthony Martinez show at Foley Gallery, Multi Plex 2 at Smack Mellon, MTAA's Infinite Smile at Video Dumbo, and performances by BARR and Khaela Maricich at the Kitchen. I also had an informal studio visit with Dawn Clements and saw her amazing new work. (Dawn was in my White Columns show and I wrote the catalogue essay for her recent Pierogi & Feigen shows. I'm a huge fan! It's funny how I'm such a high tech girl and, yet, I'm so attracted to good old fashioned drawing!) Rhizome had a fun party at the New Museum, to celebrate the completion of the net art works we commissioned in 04-05. Speaking of parties, I had a great time at the Printed Matter book launch for Paper Rad's new book, and later at their EAI performance. (Check here for deets on their tour.) That's about all the news that's fit to print. Big props to Kurt Bigenho for letting me crash at his place for so long. (Kurt's one of the few people I know with as many jobs/identities as me. It's hard to decide which URL to link to for him. Trust me when I say he's working hard on fun stuff.) And, while I'm at it, more props to Francis Hwang for buying me lunch and generally making my job easier.


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