26 October 2005

Yesterday's News

I forgot to post info about my inclusion in Cinema-Scope London. Or, rather, I was confused about what week it was happening, since I'm screening the same video in the UK next week. Backing up........ Lee Wells included me in his ambitious video art show, "Tomorrow Was the Day Before," at Cinema-Scope London. He showed "The One That Got Away," my nine-minute fictional reenactment of my American Idol audition, and apparently it screened five times a day and got "really great response." Awesome! Pop Idol launched while I was living in the UK (all lonely with no friends, a far away studio, and not much to do but order curries and watch tv... it's glamorous!), so even though my American Idol Audition Training Blog dealt largely with American values (like, uh, democracy, Western beauty, and the liberty to supersize) and my own performance in the video is valley girl to the hilt, I'm excited that it translated well to a British audience.


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