06 November 2005

Coming Attractions

Part of the reason I've been so busy, lately (as expressed in my last post), is that I'm working on some big, exciting art projects. As they say in the biz, I don't like to "preannounce" too many projects, but I feel like sharing my excitement about upcoming stuff. The most immediate thing is that I'm finishing the prep work for a performance at the Pacific Film Archive called "What My Telephones Knew About Me." It's going to be an animated slide lecture (hopefully funny) about all the embarrassing stories my previous telephones could tell about me, if they could talk. I'll post more on this and these other projects later, of course. The other big thing on the horizon is the release of my Christmas album, "Have Yourself a Midi Little Christmas." I don't want to say too much just yet, but I'll tell you that the album is my homage to the Jackson 5 Christmas Album, which is the first cassette I ever owned and came with my first walkman, one xmas. (I don't think I have to tell you what a big Michael Jackson fan I was back then...) Anyway, the release is happening during this holiday pageant-type performance evening (12/10) at Galapagos, where I will also perform a little midi-medley, with video backup..

After those things are finished, January will be dominated by two online projects made in collaboration with Abe Linkoln. The Whitney Artport is commissioning a gatepage for our new blog project, "Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs" (which is exactly what it sounds like), and then we'll be doing a second blog-based project called "Universal Acid." I don't want to say too much more about either (expect surprises!) except that the latter will involve some fun green screen music videos, for which this video by Abe is a good style guide...

And after that... If I've not yet collapsed, I am going to spend most of 2006, art-wise, working on finishing my "Genre Studies" album & videos, putting out my "Back/Up" video album, and beginning an album (tentatively titled "Greatest Hits") that is so technically complicated and weird and exciting that I'm going to sit on the deets for a bit because I can't promise a completion date or anything else other than the fact that it will be my most ambitious work ever ever ever.....


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isn't it your birthday soon?

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Universal ACID?

be careful to the LsdGoldwinMayer





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