26 November 2005

On the horizon

First of all, let me break down & express my profound love for Google Image. I use it a dozen times daily and just now a search for 'horizon' brought up this awesome image and a link to Thomas F. Banchoff's page on mathematical horizons.

Anyhoo..... I'm really writing to give you a bit of an update. Things are going to be exciting and wild for me, in the next few weeks, as I'm involved in five shows opening in the next month(ish). I will make individual posts on them, soon, but in order of appearance, for those who like to plan ahead, they are:

Dec 9 - POD Art, organized by Heather Stephens of Brooklyn's 31 Grand, at Fine Art in Space. Artists include MTAA, Lee Walton, Gogol Bordello, Jason Clay Lewis, Nelson Loskamp, Eugenio Percossi, Jean Pigozzi, Adam Stennett, Jeff Wyckoff and others. (In other words, a great group!) I'll be showing a new series of moiMovies and my Easy Listening video. (Again, more to come)

Dec 10 - I'm performing in a Christmas Pageant at Galapagos Art Space, organized by the awesome Meg Duguid. I'm not sure how to describe what I'm doing. Sort of a tripped out homage to the Jackson 5 Christmas Album...

Dec 14 - Come to the 'band night' -slash- opening of We Are All Together: Media(ted) Performance, a show I've curated at Artists Space as part of Empty Space with Exciting Events, in conjunction with Performa 05. Yes, it's a mouthfull... The artists are Sabrina Gschwandtner + Cat Mazza, MTAA, Kate Pocrass, Chris Sollars, and Lee Walton, and they are each showing media-based work that involves some sort of mediation--with viewers, computers, etc... It'll make sense when you see their awesome work so come on down! Släang (aka Hector Ducci) performs 7-9ish

New Year's Eve - Abe Linkoln and I will be running a 24-hour happening on a blog called Universal Acid. We will be collaborating on the remixing of green screen music videos that tell a story (through their form & content) about evolution through transmission.... The blog will be part of a show organized by free103point9 and Rhizome, and the other artists are 31 Down, Angel Nevarez + Alex Rivera, NYSAE, jimpunk, and Leslie Sharpe. More details to come, here.

Jan 1 - For the month of January, another blog performance project I'm doing with Abe Linkoln will be exhibited "at" the Whitney Museum of American Art, in the form of a gatepage they commissioned for their Artport, where it will be archived for all of internet eternity.... The blog is called Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs. It is exactly what it sounds like, and though we decided to keep the design a surprise, I can tell you that it's magical in a sparkling way. Mmm Hmm....


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