08 November 2005

You Tell 'Em Who's Boss!

For the show I'm organizing at Artists Space, "We Are All Together: Media(ted) Performance," MTAA needs you (you!) to do some mediating... They are doing a project called “10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances,” in which they will carry out a performance voted on by "the public." (You!) It's really an example of democracy at it's finest... They took ten performance ideas previously rejected by other curators and reified them by including them in the list of things you can elect to tell them to do. (Though they may never have explicitly set out to do this, MTAA have become masters at both instructional art and list-based art... I guess this is why I pre-approved their pre-rejected ideas!) Anyway, enough yacking... Please vote!

Update: Voting has ended and the winner was "Midnight in the Deli." I have to confess that I didn't picture this one winning, but then again I didn't picture Arnold Schwarzenegger getting elected, either, so I'm no good at predicting the outcome of elections. Needless to say, I'm much happier about the MTAA election... It should be fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know THEMM, I vote && i'// vote again

i'm nixana the prophet

Anonymous twhid said...

man.. that is an OOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDD pic of MTAA


Blogger National Dinner Tour said...

marisa - i love you!!!!!!

Blogger Marisa Olson said...

oh, marc....... you know we already "tried that" and it "didn't work out" ;)

just kidding - i wuvv you too...

thanks for the history lesson!!!


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