31 December 2005

the calm b4 the stormmmmmm

Can you feel the excitement? Are you ready to help us close out the new year in [wylde] style? In a few short hours, Abe Linkoln and I will begin our Universal Acid blog jam... And contrary to rumor, we're not remixing six music videos in 24-hours, we're doing it in TWELVE HOURS, because this is a JAM, not a SIESTA! :)))))

Here is the exciting "before" screenshot. (Click to make it bigger and brighter!) In a few hours, I will post the URL and the rest will be history..................


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying out your comments. Usually blogger rejects me for lack of an account. --tom moody

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It worked!!! Wha happen? So, when you are going live? Will the Universal Acid blog have comments? My New Year's plans hang in the balance. Seriously, though, I think I'll be at home tonight. Trying to learn Reaktor. --tom moody


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