08 December 2005

POD Art!!!

From Dec 9 - Jan 17, I'll be in a show at Fine Art in Space, in New York, called POD Art The show consists entirely of video works for the iPod and is organized by Heather Stephens of Brooklyn's 31 Grand. Other artists include MTAA, Lee Walton, Gogol Bordello, Jason Clay Lewis, Nelson Loskamp, Eugenio Percossi, Jean Pigozzi, Adam Stennett, and Jeff Wyckoff. Here are descriptions of the two videos I'm showing:


Consisting of short video juxtapositions of old images of the artist and recordings of her voice, Mo’s iMovies recall the default conventions by which home movie software enforces an affect of nostalgia, while “celebrating” loss, failure, decay, alienation, and boredom.

Easy Listening

At once a performance and performance-documentation, this video grew out of the admission that much of Olson’s work can be boiled down to a process of watching her listen to (and be influenced by) music. The easy way out, then, would be this—to listen to music in front of people. Viewers were told that Olson was listening to those MP3’s in her collection that were labeled “easy listening.”

UPDATE: I've posted copies of these videos at DV Blog.


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