27 December 2005

Video Time!!!

Three shouts for DV Blog, where I've recently uploaded a few videos. Below are images, descriptions, and links (all of which open in new windows)...

The One That Got Away
In the Fall of 2004, Marisa Olson gained worldwide attention while training to audition for American Idol—all of which she documented on her blog. Despite the fact that her audition never aired, Olson’s still reveling in her own Idolatry. This is the impressive footage from her sadly unaired audition. (Fictional Reenactment.)

MoTV News, episode 1
During her American Idol audition training process, Marisa Olson asked MTV News veteran Tabitha Soren to interview her and then critique her “celebrity interview” skills. The resulting sound files were posted on her blog. This video reenactment of the interview (made using only three photos) explores the relationship between still and moving images and pokes fun at the large discrepancy in the number of cuts used in film versus television (vs. reality television). This is the first in an ongoing series of interviews with Soren.

moiMovies, compilation #1
Consisting of short video juxtapositions of old images of the artist and recordings of her voice, Mo’s iMovies recall the default conventions by which home movie software enforces an affect of nostalgia, while “celebrating” loss, failure, decay, alienation, and boredom.

Easy Listening
At once a performance and performance-documentation, this video grew out of the admission that much of Olson’s pop music-obsessed performance art work can be boiled down to a process of watching her listen to (and be influenced by) music. The easy way out, then, would be this—to listen to music in front of people. Viewers were told that Olson was listening to those MP3’s in her collection that were labeled “easy listening.”

A video documenting the post-performance installation of this piece can be found here.

I should send a major shout out to Chris Sollars, who has helped me quite a bit with video stuff, who really made The One That Got Away happen, and who provided the space for Easy Listening. Thanks, Chris!!


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