04 January 2006


That's right... after months of promising to do "exactly what that sounds like," we've gone and done it! Abe Linkoln and I have released a blog-based album called Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs. The project is currently being featured on the Whitney Museum of American Art's Artport page, for which they commissioned a gatepage. (Temporarily unblock pop-up windows, or click "view again," under our album cover.) We expect to go back and add a few more posts and we hope you will stop in and give a listen, talk some trash, I dunno... review it in Rolling Stone, perhaps...

Big thanks to Christiane Paul, at the Whitney, for her generous support of this project. More thanks to the people who wrote the original blog posts. You are the magic. Except for the horse dudes. I nearly passed out trying to record your post! :) Just kidding, you're magical, too... Thanks!


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