23 January 2006

Artist Talk @ Berkeley

Hi, no minute like the last to announce these things... For those in the Berkeley community, I'll be giving an artist talk tomorrow, in the Fine Art dept at UC Berkeley. It will be at 1pm in the slide room on the second floor of Kroeber Hall--just to the left of the main stairs! I think most of the people in attendance will be painters studying with Jonn Herschend. I'm very eager to talk to them about Madonna, American Idol, and perhaps the influence of the tongue muscle on the development of the telephone... Who knows!

Update: We moved the whole party to Greg Niemeyer's game studies lab (where he gave me the most flattering introduction ever) for a crowded (but intimate) house and a lively conversation. Now I will admit to being seriously biased, but I dare say that Berkeley students are the smartest students ever! For whatever reason, I've been giving a fair number of artist talks lately and they frequently seem to be met with awkward silence... It was starting to make me feel bad! But not at Cal! Today we had a lively debate about copyright, genre, blog culture, the 'artfulness' of things, professionalism, object status, software, remixing, the cultural & political importance of play & entertainment, democracy, identity & persona, autobiography, truth, secrecy, and a number of other fun things. Seriously..... Go Bears! :)

Thank you to Jonn, Greg, and the nice people who showed up to chat.


Anonymous Eric said...

Do you know if there is a video of that talk online?

Blogger Marisa Olson said...

I don't think anyone was taping. You could email Greg Niemeyer and ask him, but I honestly doubt it. Sorry!


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