04 January 2006

feeling testy...

Ahhh, the winter vacay is here and I'm busy doing things like wasting away under the influence of influenza, finally stopping to listen very very closely to Black Star (I'm slow, ok?! I recently I had the pleasure of realizing I don't actually know the lyrics to any of the songs I luv), and not finishing books or working on my posture--my two exciting new year's resolutions.

Anyway, a couple quick random notes. First--and I just wanna shriek at the Warholia of it all, then hide this and move on until I know more--this evening I received an email from a Talent Executive from a talk show who wants me to come to LA and talk about my American Idol audition. Some of my friends are very experienced with this stuff. I am not. More to come...

More importantly... I was a little worried by my lack of resolutions, this year. Usually I have lots of them. Big ones. This year I hardly thought about it, until a bit of time passed and I realized I just wanna keep on being me, but maybe on a higher level. I wanna be the Next Level Me. But who is that? Who's to say? So here's what I did... I took a few tests. These are the results:

I am not a hipster.
But I am 'Wild & Crazy.'
If the question is what kind of postmodernist am I, the answer is.... Gender Nazi??!! wtf??
Basically, I am Dr Julius Hibbert.
The results of this test were frighteningly spot-on.
Same here.
And now that I know my dad reads my blog, I'm not telling you what I scored on this one. (Hi, Dad!)

So, yeah. Basically, I'm hoping that I'll be a crazy, uncool doctor in 2006. Thank you for supporting me in my goals.


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