22 January 2006

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Ever since my American Idol Audition Training Blog project, I've been receiving dozens to hundreds of emails, each week, about the show. (Some of my favorite blog comments are attached to this post.) Many people mistake me for someone officially associated with the show, some think I have the secret that will get them on air (if not to the top constestant stage), and others just want to talk trash. The emails seem to flow more heavily in the Fall, as auditions are happening, and in the early Spring, as PR for the new season mounts and people start wondering when it will be their turn to be on air... Below are three of the emails I received just this morning.

From sparkleprincess97:
i was thinking about tryingout for aij [American Idol Junior] and was woundering when the dates are and the closest place to indiana. thanks.

Here's what I'm wondering... Could this girl have been born in 1997?? That would make her twenty years younger than me! This is so sad as to not warrant further comment...

From Jenna:
That possibly the worst excuse for singing I have ever heard. Im not trying to squash your dreams, but you're never going to be a singer. If you still want to perform, maybe try acting. Or even dancing if you have some experience. singing is NOT for you.

Thanks, Jenna. Randy Jackson told me that once, too. It has always surprised me that I haven't received more disses like this. I thank you for taking the time to share your brutal honesty.

From Georges:
hey i wish i can go on america junoir i have all what it take.

I believe you, Georges! You go there and you takes it!!!

Speaking of being on air, I'm going to be on air later this week. I've been invited to go on a TV Guide Channel talk show called Idol Chat, to discuss my own audition. It should be a lot of fun. I'll spend the week in LA catching up with friends & family before heading to the studio to talk to them about my training & voting exercises.


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