03 January 2006

My Top Ten Internetsies

Two-thousand-and-five (otherwise known as the World Year of Physics) was a rollercoaster for me, but through all the ups & downs (hahaha--physics joke!!!), my friend the internet was always there for me.... Recently Cory Arcangel and Michael Bell-Smith (two of my extra favorite artists!) asked me to list my ten favorite things on the internet, in 05. Trust me when I tell you that I tossed and turned over it. It could have been just a list of things they did and it easily could have included so many more things. (If you did something online and it's not there, please don't hate me, just be happy that the internet is getting sooooo good!!)

Anyway, enough yacking. Here is the page with my list & the lists of some other super cool peeps...

BTW, I've also somewhat lazily started bookmarking some of the more interesting 'Best of 05' lists I've seen, here. Enjoy!


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