01 January 2006


I just got off the phone with Abe. It sounds like things were worse--or more exciting--than I thought, with the temporary downtime at Universal Acid. We experienced a perfect storm, a three-pronged blowout, a triple double, if you will... Not only did we get assaulted by Y2K6, but we also fell prey to French Hackers and Australian Hit Machines. It turns out our project was quite popular Down Under, where the New Year's festivitivizing began much earlier than in these parts. They hit us and they hit us and they hit our house down. But not before the French snuck in to toy with our ftp finales... Anyhoo, Abe's working hard to re-Kick Out the Internet Jamz (my fave saying of 2005 and prolly 2006), and I'm nursing a fluish fever, putting the finishing touches on our project for the Whitney, which goes live... any second.........

If you tried to watch and were unable, we thank you and we apologize. Personally, we think it was a nice way to go down, but we're working on getting things back in place.


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