08 January 2006

time for a confession....

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Ok, time for a confession.... Much like Lindsay Lohan, I've recently suffered from a painful addiction and it's led me to binge and purge. Actually, I've been binging more than I've been purging... What am I talking about? Images!!!!! Anyone who's ever seen the desktop of my computer will tell you that I have a major major drag & drop problem. A couple weeks ago, I went crayzee deleting images during a video editing/ disk space panic, but next thing I knew those little jpeg images were back, spreading across my desktop like measles! You see, I've been hording jpgs and gifs like crazy, thinking "one day I'll do something with this," and the madness has got to end. This evening I had a pixel intervention and I resolved to do two things:

1) I've uploaded every remaining random still image on my computer (by 'random' I mean not some photo for work, or of friends & family, or with a specific function but the random images I've been hording) and I've stored them to a Flickr folder. Then I deleted them from my computer!!!! I know, it's major!!!! I also uploaded the gif's to a separate site, but I am keeping them separate for now... Stay tuned for giftastic announcements... (Now if only I could find a form of release for my midi addiction!!)

2) I've decided to actually do something with all of the images I've been storing. For the longest time I've been admiring the gif's made by my friends and I've been a closet dunnohowtoer.... But not any more! Yes, that's right--I made my first animated gif!!! (See above!) There are not enough exclamation marks in the world to tell you how excited I am about this. I am a new person. This alters everything. There will be changes. Watch out!!!!


Anonymous bottomunion said...

I too suffer from the drag and drops.
you're not the only one out there.


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