30 January 2006

Tivo Time!

I've just returned from LA, where I was invited to chat with these two lovely ladies, Rosanna Tavares & Kimberly Caldwell, on Idol Chat, a TV Guide Channel talk show all about American Idol. The producers asked me there to talk about my American Idol Audition Training Blog and I was pretty sure they just wanted me to be my goofy self and talk about the softer side of my project, rather than the voting issues or my feminist critique of the show. But Rosanna (a U Michigan Art History grad) really blew me away when, on the first question, she sidestepped the teleprompter to ask me if my project was some kind of anthropological study. Awesome! After the super short interview, she said, 'yeah, I figured you were either totally nuts' (paraphrasing, here) 'or it was some bigger study.' I told her it was both!

Anyway, it should be a fun episode, as it also features interviews with Vonzell Solomon and Carmen Rasmussen, two recent top contestants on the show, with whom I had fun chatting in the green room. You can catch this episode of Idol Chat on the TV Guide Channel, at these dates & times:

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 07:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan. 31, 11:00 PM
Wednesday, Feb. 01, 01:00 PM

Update: Oh geez... Just tore myself from the State of the Union to watch myself... I kinda looked like the Pilsbury doughboy after bad botox. I had a massive cold so I was cracked out from that, and nerves and tea had me strangely dehydrated, so my upper lip was stuck to my teeth in a weird way. (I forgot about this, until I saw it tonight.) Plus I was told I would be shot from the elbows up, so lazy as I am, I neglected to suck in my gut... And it showed! Ahhh!!! Whatevs...


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