14 February 2006

Kisses to You

Looking back over my blog archives, recently, I noticed that my semi-weekly "what I'm up to" posts have slowed down... The truth is that I'm just kinda tired of talking about myself. In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd send out a little luv lttr to the internet and list all the blogs that I love reading. But then I got lazy. You see, I read a couple hundred blogs a day! That's a lotta href'ing, you know? So here's what I thought I'd do. I'm giving you separate, but preexisting link lists. There are the feeds for the Rhizome reblog, the art blogs I heart, some blogs & blog-related stuff bookmarked on my delish, and the archives of my addictive reblogging at Eyebeam--their feeds are on the left-hand column. Big high calorie truffles to all of you. In the near future I might post individual out-shouts for some of my more favorite faves; right now I'm feeling lazy (sorry, it's hot in California!) and don't wanna leave anyone out...


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