02 March 2006

All Systems Go! at Scope-NY, March 10-13

If you're going to be in New York during the frenzy that is art fair week, please stop by the Scope Fair to say hello. I'm curating a big show, on behalf of Rhizome, called All Systems Go! Some details below, and more info, images, bios, etc will be trickling in here, any minute now.

All Systems Go!
At The ~Scope Art Fair
March 10 - 13, 2006
Cinemascope Gallery, 11 am - 8 pm
636 Eleventh Avenue, at 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

Part of the Curator's Choice program at this year's Scope-New York Art Fair, All Systems Go! features high-tech, low-tech, and hybrid work exploring digital, representational, political, and social systems. This exhibition constitutes an expansion of Rhizome's mission to connect art and technology. The artists comment on systems, in their various forms and themes, with works ranging from computer, video, and electronic installations to drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Here, technology is not the sole tool or object at play, but is often an indirect subject -- a backdrop on the social landscape within which all art practice now occurs. The harmony or dischord between these installations pinpoint areas of overlap between the various systems now navigated by each of us living in a technological society. The show is, thus, an update on the established field of 'systems art,' from the perspective of contemporary culture and practice.

Artists include [dNASAb], Brody Condon, Desiree Holman, Shane Hope, Instant Coffee, Xylor Jane, Abe Linkoln, MTAA, RSG, Shirley Shor, Julianne Swartz, JP Villegas, and Lee Walton. All Systems Go! is curated by Marisa Olson, on behalf of Rhizome.


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hi marisa, love your blog. hope to meet you there.

Franklin Sirmans


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