17 March 2006

Double Reverse Out Shout

I should preface this shout out by saying that Paddy Johnson, keeper of the fabuloso blog, Art Fag City, has now called me both hot and a maker of some of the most important work being made today, so there's a slim chance that I'm biased......... But nonetheless, I wanted to send out a shout to this artist, designer, critic, editor, mover, shaker, and social connector and say that she is thumbs up. And maybe I'm preaching to the blog-loving choir, but I particularly want to point our her raising of the bar for online criticism. In a day when print publications are dying off, stiffing writers, cutting word counts, running imageless, and often entrenching stuffiness, blogs must carry on the business of reporting and reflecting and Paddy does it oh so well. She also proves that it's possible to look deeper while maintaining a sense of humor and humility. You go girl! Anyway, check out her blog and maybe even consider attending her Green Card Benefit Party, this Saturday in Brooklyn. We need to keep Paddy in this Bushwhacked country of ours...


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