27 March 2006

Surround Sound: All Systems Avalanche

So one of the funny things about curating All Systems Go, at this year's Scope fair, is the fact that I became so sleep deprived. I entered the install period on day three of no sleep and I slept an average of 3-4 hours each night. This made the interviews that I gave... interesting. Looking back on quotes and even video, I hardly remember saying these things... In any case, here's a roundup of some of the coverage, so far...

Vernissage.TV video interview
(day three of fair = 9-12 hours of sleep in six days!)

ArtInfo Interview
(day three also, I think...)

Video interview with Mica Scalin
(last day! no sleep!)

You can see the decline... Cool Hunting also did an interview on the first official day, and I'll post it here when it's up. Will be interesting to compare... A few other blogs wrote about the show (including the ever austere Artforum diary) and I'm realizing that I need to do some link wrangling. Supposedly Artforum magazine is running something on it... Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I really want to thank Mica Scalin. This woman is tirelessly devoted to documenting and making art. Not only did she come to shoot the install and then return to interview me, but she also rolled up her sleeves to hang work and some very tricky vinyl signage!! (See above.) So she rules! See, also, her documentation of MTAA's Midnight in the Deli and Cat Mazza's KnitPro, both of which were in We Are All Together, a show I curated at Artists Space, during Performa.

PS I know this post (if not this blog) is a bit selfpromo-ish, hopefully the self-effacing nature/evidence of it will make up for that... It's really about shout outs to the artists and the kind documentarians mentioned here--none of whom (outside of Artforum) are making bank off of their 24/7 devotion to the field...


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