29 April 2006

Eats Tapes & Nate Boyce perform at GIF Show opening, May 3rd


The tremendously talented Eats Tapes will be performing live, at the opening of The GIF Show, this Weds. But, wait--there's more! The also tremendously talented Nate Boyce will be performing live visuals with them!!! Woah!! The opening is from 6-10 and they'll do one sweet set, at 9pm...

Please feel my excitement! To assist in that matter, here's a link to what's been referred to as "Nate Boyce's seizure-inducing, retinally-scorching video" for Eats Tapes' song, "Ptery D." Back in the day, when Abe Linkoln and I were first comparing notes on influences, for Universal Acid, we both clutched to this vid as extra rad. So thanks to Nate, Marijke, and Gregory!!

And here is the extra low-res Myspace testimonial invite for The GIF Show (hope to see you there!):

Update: I made a little del.icio.us directory of some (but not all) of the works, here:
Of course, many of these will look quite different, installed in the gallery... What's not there, as of now, are Tom Moody's drawings, Lovid's fabric pieces, Guthrie Lonergan's gif avatar video, Paper Rad's "Welcome to My Homeypage" gif video, or the email Cory Arcangel had me print with the code of a 4-pixel gif...

Second Update: What was I thinking? Why didn't I make a Flickr page for the show sooner?! Click on the images and then click the button above that says "all sizes," to see them animated. (All are animated, with the exception of the Peter Baldes & Paper Rad video stills/screen grabs.)


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