11 April 2006

Get on Board with GIFs!

Hi, there. I've unashamedly followed the masses to Myspace, and there I've erected a page for an upcoming exhibit I'm curating. Please check it out and become our friend:


The show is called The Gif Show (I briefly considered Meet the Giffords, Meet the Giffordz, Gif Starz, and Choosy Moms Choose GIF). It opens May 3, at San Francisco's beloved RX Gallery, and is co-presented by Rhizome. The artists are Cory Arcangel, Peter Baldes, Michael Bell-Smith, Jimpunk, Olia Lialina, Abe Linkoln, Guthrie Lonergan, Lovid, Tom Moody, Paper Rad, Paul Slocum, and Matt Smear (aka 893/umeancompetitor). Everyone's showing GIFs, and some are also showing videos, works on paper, sound, and other cool related stuff. Together, their work shows the diversity of forms to be found in GIFs, and many of them comment on the broader social life of these image files.

Hence the Myspace page... GIFs grow, breed, and comingle sparklingly on Myspace. Please come be our neighbor, there, and help us spread the word about the show. (More curatorial & opening party details to come, here, in a bit.)


Blogger calavera said...

interesting stuff, but, geez, why is that myspace site so cumbersome?? it's been loading for ages

Blogger Marisa Olson said...

sorry. it's full of images and videos, all coming from outside urls, but nonetheless coming... part of the tenacious joy of gifs! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Marisa,
The Myspace page looks great. I sent you a gmail--Just using your blog as my backup email.
--tom moody


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