19 April 2006

Planet Mag pieces on Barney, Banksy, and CAE

Planet Magazine is pretty cool. It's a San Francisco-based quarterly, published & edited by Derek Peck and made beautiful under the direction of designer Carolina Palmgren. I've been a contributing editor for them since 2001 and have admired Derek's ambition and drive, with the mag. Oddly, people rarely say to me that they read this or that article of mine in Flash Art, but they often comment on things in Planet. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure it says that Planet is rad. Anyway, for the just-released issue, which is their annual Visionaries issue, they asked me to write articles on Matthew Barney, Banksy, and Critical Art Ensemble. (That's Barney on the cover, there.) Check it out and keep an eye on Planet.


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who is the photographer of the cover?


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