19 April 2006

Psychotropic Drug Karaoke

Ok, here goes a little love triangle... Abe Linkoln loved Hans Bernhard's blog in which he lists his daily consumption of psychotropic drugs, and he performed a post, called Breakfast Drugs, for our Whitney Artport project, Abe & Mo Sing the Blogs. Then Hans Bernhard loved Abe's song, so he used it to make a gate page for his website. And then the jurors of the Italian index page award, sitespecific.it loved it, and gave Hans the award. So yay! Congrats to Hans! And Abe! Go check out Mr. Bernhard's other cool projects...

And, meanwhile, here is an excerpt of what Domenico Quaranta, one of the jurors, said in their curatorial statement:

The project is completed by an mp3 file in which an interpreter sings the contents of the post as if it was a black metal song. By including this file in the project, Bernhard sets up an ironic cross-reference game with another project, Abe & Mo Sing The Blogs, by Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olson, recently included in the Gate pages of the Artport section of the Whitney Museum in New York: a blog once again, in which the authors shower from other blogs frequented by themselves some contents accompanied at the same time with a personal singing interpretation, enjoyable in mp3 format. While Hans Bernhard plays with one most typical characteristics of the blog world – the information redundancy – reducing its own blog to minimal terms, Abe & Mo accept to recycle the information but they introduce a new variable which sends it back to us full of completely new meanings. In the case of Psychotropic Drug Karaoke, the singing interpretation of the medical prescription is given credit for returning that expressive value which seemed to be lost in the black and white page of Bernhard's blog and for letting us revise the daily action of his author, who sits down in front of the computer every morning to share with us the medicines he has just assumed, for what it is: an outburst, a redeeming action. The project is presented as a Site Specific work in the most literal and complete sense of the term, living in the Net, for the Net and with elements taken from the Net, interpreting in a creative way one of the most interesting phenomena of the recent Internet: the blog.


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