04 May 2006

Universal Acid drops in Berlin, Vienna, London, Spain, SF

Yes, Universal Acid is hitting the road. Here are some details on screenings of the videos. (All but the Free103Point9 events are tours of How the West May Save Us Yet, which was curated by Nick Hallett and started at the NY Underground Film Festival.)

Tomorrow (5/5) it will be at Twisted Robot (Berlin) with music by The Skaters.

From May 5-7, Free103Point9 will be at the Observatori Festival, in Valencia, Spain, and they will be presenting Universal Acid along with other work from their previous residents and other artists in the Surge exhibition with Rhizome. More details here.

On the 6th & 7th of May, we will be at Vienna's Schikaneder, as part of the Destroy America festival of "Music Videos From the Art Rock Resistance." There's a German article about this particular screening in Skug - Journal für Musik and I think there's an English option, somewhere.

On 5/9 we're at Barden's Boudoir (London), with the totally amazing BARR and The Sticks. More.

On 5/13 With ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES, we're on a UK TV program(me!) curated by the YYY's. Cool! We love TV!

Then we bring it home at San Francisco's Mission Creek Music Fest, where Artists Television Access will screen our stuff, on 5/21.


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