13 May 2006

Yes Men in Aspect Issue 7

I just received Issue 7 of Aspect, the biannual DVD 'magazine' that covers new media art. It's a really brilliant publication model in which each issue offers video documentation of artists projects and optional audio commentary. I've frequently used Aspect in the classroom, as it's a great way to give a real impression of the experience of a work, and watching videos without and then with commentary is a nice way for students to compare their interpretations with others.' Both the artists and commentators, in each issue, are always great and there tends to be a nice balance between emerging & established artists. Each issue is thematic and previous themes include West Coast artists, humor, and site-specificity. I've previously recorded commentary on Anthony Discenza, Jim Campbell, MTAA, and Lee Walton.

The newest issue is on Personas & Personalities and I recorded audio commentary on The Yes Men. I focused specifically on their Dow-related projects, but I'm a big fan of their work in general. (Check out their most recent Haliburton project!) The whole issue is very impressive and engaging. In all honesty, whereas I was once quite interested in 'identity art' and self-portraiture, I now tend to feel like much of it is caught up in a tired, self-perpetuating academic cycle. (This is why the fuss over JT Leroy's 'real identity' bored me to tears.) But I think this issue of Aspect shows the diversity of the genre and presents some very strong pieces by folks like Lynn Hershman, Anthony Goicolea, Kristin Lucas, Christian Jankowski, Adrianne Wortzel, and others. Anyway, check out Aspect!


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