22 June 2006

Dark Stars

My residency at the Experimental Television Center was amazing. It's a great place to make work--or even to watch work, in their extensive library, but the organization is also doing really ambitious and important things.

Anyway, I made a ton of work and some of it I'm still editing or sitting on, but I wanted to throw this one out there. It's called Dark Stars and it's pretty self-explanatory, though I should maybe indicate that the shifting of the image is all a result of analog knob-turning.... I'm not really one to tow the analog vs digital line and I have to say that this video pointed out to me how well the two can go together--analog processing of digital images & sounds and vice-versa. Anyway, I had fun making it! I also should thank Matt Underwood for his provision of the video game sample and heavy analog patch advice!

For now, the video's on YouTube (I know!), but stay tuned for higher quality Quicktime... But it's only 1.5 minutes--for today's attention span!

Update: A Quicktime version of this one & From Here, along with very sweet comments by Michael Szpakowski, were posted on DVblog. -Thanks, MS!

Second Update: Jimpunk has hacked Dark Stars!! He's started a vlog, called DVblogH4ck, on which he posts quicktimes of his hacks of the quicktimes posted at DVblog. Jimpunk is one of my favorite artists and I've been meaning to formulate a Jimpunk shout out, here, for some time. Stay tuned...


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team work
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