26 July 2006


The current issue of the very cool online & email-based Artkrush newsletter is devoted to digital art. In it is a very smart interview with my Rhizome colleague, Lauren Cornell, in which she talks about the state of Net Art. She also mentions my work because she's the best! :) But the whole issue is a nice entree to very contemporary new media, if you're interested.

I'm sorry to be breaking my two weeks of blog silence with this post. It was kind of fun to push away from le blog... I'm travelling, right now, and will be bouncing around for the next month. Lots of fun stuff is in the works and I'll post more soon. Stay tuned for lots of info on Rhizome's tenth anniversary, September shows at the Knoxville Gallery of Art & Monkeytown, more than you ever wanted to know about my new teaching job at Parsons, a new music video, and more.... Meanwhile, I hope everyone reading this (???) is having a nice summer. Personally, I can't stop thinking about Lebanon....


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