24 August 2006

chicago and other stuffs

Hi! How's your summer going? What's new? I remember when I used to post about every little dinner, deadline, and coffee meeting. Too busy now. But still drinking coffee. Plus I read other people's blogs in which they post about every coffee and dinner and, well... it bugs me. So. No more of that. But, at least belatedly, so I remember later, I wanted to make a note that the Chicago Underground Film Festival asked Linkoln and moi for some videos. We don't know where/when they are showing, but such is the nature of awesome festivals. :) I also just kind of wanted to post because it had been a few weeks--which is exciting and weird. I'm moving next week and working on lots of big stuff. If you're reading this (?) and you're in/around/visiting New York, let's hang out. Also, please save the date: Saturday, 9/30, Ben Coonley and I are sharing the screen(s) at Monkeytown. He's a riot and we're also going to make some collaborative, event-specific vids. So please come! (I will post again, soon, because reservations are recommended.) Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Anonymous blackmoth said...

I think I'll try to come to your gig!!


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