27 October 2006

Mix Festival and ETC Residency

Hi, there. Happy Fall. It's getting cold! I'm sure I'm about to be even colder, as I'm headed upstate to Owego, for another residency at the Experimental Television Center. I can't wait! When I get back, a video I made last time I was at ETC (Dark Stars) will be screening at the 2006 Mix Festival, in a program called Video Burnout. The screening, curated by Joshua Thorson, is on Friday 11/10, at 8pm (3LD Theatre, 80 Greenwich @ Rector), and includes work by Peter Brinson, Paul Bush, Donigan Cumming, Dale Hoyt, Seth Kirby, John Knecht, Les LeVeque, Sarah McKiel, Frederic Moffat, and two 'anonymous' artists that I really like.... Check it out, if you can!


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