26 November 2006

Talks, Tapes, and Other Dates

{Note: some updates, here, as of 11/29:)

Ok, get yer calendars out! Here's some stuff I'm doing or attending, in the next few days, starting Tuesday. Please scroll all the way down, for the Monkeytown benefit & La Superette! (p.s. I heart NYC!)

Weds, 11/29 - I'm moderating a casual discussion with James Deavin and Eva & Franco Mattes (a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG)--both of whom have been making work in Second Life--at Jen Bekman Gallery. Deavin's work is mostly landscapes and interior shots, showing now at the gallery. The Matteses' portrait series, 13 Most Beautiful Avatars, is showing now at Ars Virtua Gallery in a show I curated for the Time Shares series co-presented by Rhizome and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and will be in a "real world" show opening on 11/30 at the Italian Academy, at Columbia. Please join us for this chat! Updates: Time: drinx at 6, talk at 7, ends at 8. RSVP: recommended. rsvp(at)jenbekman.com.

Thurs 11/30th - Big night! Eva & Franco Mattes have their opening @ Columbia (see above); Darmstadt ("classics of the avant garde performance series) celebrates their 2nd anniversary @ Galapagos with Zach Layton, Nick Hallett, Ray Sweeten, Luke DuBois, David Linton, and a TON of other awesome people, performing Terry Riley's In C. Also, the Unisex Salon series (organized by Earl Dax & James Coppola, and friends) starts tonight, at The Delancey, and the Blip Fest celebration of all things 8-bit starts tonight and runs through 12/3.

Fri 12/1 - Jon Brumit is visiting from Oakland and doing this: "i've been working on the soundtrack for a 'store' with my friend sean (meadows) and by opening time friday the piece will play repeatedly for six months until an entirely new collection is presented in the space, we're finishing up a long series of micro-compositions which will shuffle endlessly, using samples of the pieces in the collection and extensive use of object-based processed feedback via fm radio through the soundsystem in the space." 6-11 pm 1565 lexington ave @ e 100th, opening of anthony deluca's 'shopshop.'

Sat 12/2 - The autumn Harkness Salon... Actually, just kidding, this was cancelled!!!

Sun 12/3 (8pm) - New event! One of my studio assistants, Daniel Iglesia (a music genius getting his PhD at Columbia) has a piece for string quartet and live electronics in a FREE concert at Lincoln Center. He says: 'It’s in one of their other 20-some venues: the Rose Studio, a small chamber music space in the Rose Building at W 65th and Amsterdam (NE corner), 10th Floor. (NOT to be confused with Rose Theater, which is a L.C. venue at the Time Warner Center.) It is free, no ticketing, with five other chamber pieces by Columbia colleagues, some others with electronics as well.' Fun!

Mon, 12/4 (6:30pm) - Rhizome panel on open source issues (organized by Lauren Cornell), at the Vera List Ctr. Panelists include Daniel Mayer, co-founder, Wikipedia; Cory Arcangel, artist; and Joy Garnett, artist; and Laura Quilter, founder, Fair Use Network. Moderated by Christiane Paul, adjunct curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art. Note updated time (not 7pm!)--thanks JG!

Weds, 12/6 (7pm) - Rick Silva, Sam Freeman, and I present our work at Dorkbot, at Location One, in Soho. Descriptions at the link. I'm scared...

Thurs, 12/7th (8pm-2am) - Totally super awesome Monkeytown benefit/ holiday party, featuring performances by the amazing My Robot Friend, Dynasty Handbag, Nicklcat, and others... Monkeytown is a one-of-a-kind art venue and awesome restaurant and they need our support, right now! If they disappear, it will be a huge loss to the arts in NY/Bklyn!!

Sat, 12/9 - Tali Hinkis (Lovid), et al's La Superette! This is a holiday shop at which you can pick up artists' projects, clothes, zines, and other good stuff. I'm co-starring in Tali's artists' dvd cookbook, and I'll also present some brand new tapes in my series of Self-Personalized a Cappella Serenades, custom audio cassettes with secret, sealed serenades and instructions for Self-Personalization and Optimal Serenade Enjoyment. The fun happens at Eyebeam, this year.

Then, over the weekend, I speak at an entertainment conference at a comedy club in Times Square, where the founders of MTV and E! will also be speaking.... Surreal... And then I sleep!!! :) {Uhh... except that I'm about to start a new video performance blog for the holiday season!!} But I hope to see you before then!


Anonymous Blackmoth said...

Why is Monkeytown in danger of disappearing???

Anonymous joy said...

hi Marisa! be great to see you at the Vera List panel thingy -- I think it's at 6:30pm, not 7pm though....

Blogger Marisa Olson said...

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Anonymous Joy said...

i will CRY if monkeytown folds... :-(


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