24 January 2007

Professional Surfer

Some friends and I have started an internet surfing club, called Nasty Nets. It came out of a joy of sharing links with each other, but grew into a place where we post found and original/remixed material. It's been a nice place for me to follow thoughts I might otherwise censor or drop, and to make and post work I'd not likely post elsewhere... (Like my eBay search for my long-lost cool shirt, pictured above. Yeah, I was much hotter in those days...)

Anyways, Nasty Nets and some other cool peeps/ groups have been included in "a group exhibition that considers web browsing (aka 'surfing') as an art form," called Professional Surfer. It was organized by Rhizome (thanks, Lauren!) and is co-presented by the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Check it out.


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