19 December 2007

Oh Yeah!

Hi! Below is info about a new project and a couple of articles...

Oh Yeah I Love You Baby is my remix album of pop music samples in which each word in the album title is also the title of a respective track whose lyrics consist solely of that word. These are the "greatest hits" of pop music! Enjoy the tracks and please visit the credits page, where you can download the samples to make your own remixes and where I share my gratitude for Daniel Iglesia.

Also, just a note to keep an eye out for the recently-released Jan/Feb issue of NY Arts magazine for which Astria Suparak interviewed me. A bunch of artist friends are in this issue and it looks like a fun one.

Likewise, Andrew Lavallee's Wall Street Journal article, Even Boring Blogs Are Things of Beauty In Some Artists' Eyes, just went out. (Here's a PDF as it appeared in print.)

Happy holidays!


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