31 December 2007

Weight of the World

I'm showing my new "video album," Break Up Album (Demo), at Cincinnati's Reed Gallery, in a group show called Weight of the World:

Curated by Maiza Hixson and Ryan Mulligan, “Weight of the World” testifies to art’s potential for self-healing/coping/and emotional survival. The exhibition features 17 artists, each of whom examine his/her own own life through the practice of art making, using the process of making as a step in healing. The works are simultaneously self-centered and universal. With subjects ranging from homemade support groups, coping with death and grief, self-actualization after a break-up, financial difficulties, and an artist place in a post 9/11 world, the show resonates with sincerity and humble self-reflection. Please join us for an opening reception Thursday, January 10th at 5:30 pm.

"Break Up Album (Demo)" is a four-channel video project about pain as a medium, the breakup album genre, and the notion of a demo--something that shows what an artist may (or may not) have to offer or be capable of... in hopes of getting "picked up." Excerpts from the project can be seen here


Blogger Mulligan said...

and it looked so good last night in the gallery! I sat down with my future wife and a friend of her's from work. We kept looking up at the razor blade and nerviously twitching our heads. It is a great hard piece to deal with. Thank you for being part of the show.

Blogger Marisa Olson said...

thanks, ryan! i'm glad i could share this moment with you and your future wife. :) thanks for including me!!!


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