20 September 2008

Philly Show and Net Art Essay

I'm having a solo show in one of the galleries at Vox Populi, a really awesome Philadelphia-based art space. I'm showing Break Up Album (Demo) and some related prints. It opens October 3rd.

I was also asked by LACMA (the LA County Museum of Art)--big supporters of photography--to write an essay for their series, Words Without Pictures. I wrote one called "Lost Not Found: The Circulation of Images in Digital Visual Culture" and there will be official responses posted by artists Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad), Pradeep Dalal, and Matthieu Laurette. I didn't get to write about everyone I wanted to, but I mentioned a lot of "pro surfer" artists (of Nasty Nets ilk) and looked at their work from the perspectives of found photography and montage.


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