29 April 2009

Solo Show at Bard CCS plus ISCP

Gene McHugh has curated a solo exhibition of my work at Bard CCS. Entitled, Marisa Olson: Noise Pollution, the show is up through May 24th. You can see images, read the curatorial statement and an interview between myself and David Horvitz, and download ASDF's catalogue, right here.

The work revolves largely around the pollution that piles up as a result of upgrade culture. Along the same lines, I'll be showing a new sculpture (a rocket-like stack of gold tv's), entitled The Terrestrial Race in "Financial District," an exhibition at ISCP curated by Miguel Amado and opening May 8th. Here I'm interested in the ways in which international governments are competing with each other by forcing their citizens to upgrade the terrestrial broadcast signal (and thus their tv's and other gear), in a way that I think mirrors the space race.


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