08 May 2010

May Flowers

I just realized I never posted the video above. I made it for Tan Lines single, New Flowers, which they made in response to one of my high school poems! It's in a nice show in Poland, this month. Below are some other shows opening in the next two weeks.

Tate Modern, London, UK
No Soul For Sale, Broadcast Yourself, curated by Embassy Gallery

Galerie Dana Charkasi, Vienna, Austria
Curated By_ 2010, FILMIKI, curated by Pawel Althamer

Artboom Festival, Krakow, Poland
Made in Internet, curated by Marcin Ramocki

Espace Gantner, Bourogne, France
Surfing Club touring exhibition

M21, Athens, Greece
Full/Operational/Toolbox, Index of Potential, curated by KERNAL

Fisher Gallery, Oberlin College
SOUNDINGS, Cinema 062 Media Arts Festival
I had a slightly-expanded role in this one. Funfun!!


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Nice video!


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