07 September 2011

Poly Styrene music video

If there were anything to notice, one might have noticed that I've not blahgged in over a year. I'm just kind of sick of blogging, believe it or not. When I stepped back as Editor/Curator/Staff Writer at Rhizome (I had a zillion titles from 1999-2009), I realized my RSS addiction was out of control and I needed to unplug. The same thing kind of happened a few years after we founded Nasty Nets. The thing about blogging, in general, is that I just don't like talking about myself. (I know, surprising coming from a sometimes new media self-portraitist!) But I am honored to talk about this project of someone else's that I got to play a small roll in...

"Ghoulish" - POLY STYRENE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Lauryn Siegel on Vimeo.

Lauryn Siegel directed Poly Styrene's final music video (R.I.P.), a posthumous tribute to Michael Jackson, called Ghoulish. I got to play an MJ-impersonating auditioner (something I've sorta done before) and learn a bunch of new dance moves! The whole shoot was a super fun and pro experience (full credits at the Vimeo link), and something I loved being a part of. I'm obviously a Michael Jackson fan, but Poly was a personal hero, and I'm happy to see her work getting this final push of attention, starting with the NY Times article that launched the video, and continuing with SPIN, Vice, et al... Congrats to all involved!


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