23 December 2005

lost in holiday haze

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I just returned from another super busy trip to New York. It's bizarre to be in a place where I can walk outside without a coat, after nearly two weeks of bone chilling weather... I recently sent out an email to friends announcing that I was involved in five shows in the last three weeks of December. All I can say is three down, two to go... I'm a bit exhausted and the holiday mania is really zapping me, especially as I know that beyond the haze and hoopla is the surreality of a seriously disgusting and infuriating presidential BADministration... Yeah, so in other words, I need a nap..... Word up to all the friends who helped pass the crayzee times in NYC, especially MTAA, Lee Walton, and Doron Golan, who did major art favors for me, last week!! Soon my humbug headache will pass and I will post updates on all the shows & happenings. Until then, peace, love, harmony, DEMOCRACY, AND CIVIL LIBERTIES (!!!!!!) in 2006....

PS Lest you think I'm taking this specific moment too seriously, read this.

Update: A couple weeks have passed and I'm in a slightly better mood, partly because I always wanted to make the images above into an animated gif, and now I can. Boo to the Yaa, people. BOO.to.the.YAA!!


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