09 January 2006

have i mentioned that i luv gifs?

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Ok, my big announcement came & went. Only one person congratulated me on my gif-breakthrough. A couple people gave an "um, yeah, good for you, haha," kind of response, and one totally non-techy person said to me, "Marisa, I was making stuff like that ten years ago." Well, exsqueeeeze me. I'm still excited! I luv gifs!! Making them is like making miniature films. And anyone can open them and look at them frame by frame. And, as with midi's, each person's computer will play them slightly differently, which is cool. (Though Blogger seems to like to skew things in a less smooth direction, as I've been checking-in on my gifs today and they look a bit jumpy...) Whatevs. Here is another. Whether you are embarrassed for me, at my novice state, or excited for me because I'm excited, thanks for reading!


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