08 February 2007

drawings, records, plus WORLD TOUR!!!!!!

Ok, I'm giving you lottts of notice on this one, so we can all be prepared! I am going to be showing a bunch of my new drawings (see above--that's one of them!) at Glowlab's show at the semi-new, super-awesome Fountain Art Fair, which happens during and notably close to the Armory Fair, February 22-26. I will also be showing some videos, and some awesome new blinged-out records!!!!!!!!!! (Totally conceptual, trust me! Come by and we'll chat about this and my ideas about records "going purple.")

Also, also, also, I am going on my first WORLD TOUR in a few years... This one happens entirely in NYC!!! As you may (or may not) know, I often make performances out of listening to music. The idea is that spectatorship is performative. (It totally is!) This time, you can play along, by donning custom headphones and joining me in a "world tour" of the "greatest hits" of bands named after geographic locations. I'll make stops in Berlin, Boston, Beirut, Chicago, Alabama, Kansas, Europe, Phoenix, and Duluth!

Here's my performance schedule:
Thursday, February 22: 2–3pm, 6–7pm, 8–9pm
Friday, February 23: 12 - 1pm
Saturday, February 24: 4–5pm
Sunday, February 25: 4–5pm

Fountain is at 660 12th Avenue [between 48th St. and 49th St., 4 blocks south of the Armory show at Pier 94]. More info here.

06 February 2007

I have a new website!

When it came to explaining why I had no "real" website, I always used to say that "the cobbler's children are the last to get shoes." Whatever that meant! But now, a mere ten years after I started working with net art, I have a real homeypage: http://www.marisaolson.com/

Please check it out. It's a simple white cube of a site, unlike this one... But the really nice thing is that I've made a list of some of my favorite projects from the last two years, whereas before there was no good list like this... Anyway, I'll keep posting here as I always do and my RSS feed won't change. Meanwhile, big big thanks to John Michael Boling for helping me take the leap.