26 December 2006

Mixing it up Offline

I've been pretty busy with some offline stuff. Lots of writing, reading, drawing, and other things that tend to involve paper. It's been nice, if not utterly bloggable. But as those activities become tangible, they'll make their way here. For now, here's Tom Moody's 'remix' of a headphone drawing by yours truly. I've been doing a lot of monitor tracings of google img search results and wasn't sure I was going to post them online, but this seems like a good excuse. Being remixed feels so good!

Happy new year!
I have high hopes for 2007.

03 December 2006


I've got some work in a show that is organized by Scope, for this year's Art Basel Miami Beach:

Rules of Engagement -- For a second year, the Guerrilla Media Vehicle takes to the streets of Miami to spread the words and images of socially aware international artists in a program of new video art. Stretching the boundaries and definitions of contemporary video in a mobile format, the Guerilla Media Vehicle brings the art to the people in a beautiful yet confrontational way.

Also, speaking of Miami interventions, my good buddies The Organizers are looking for performers for their project, The Sams.